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  • $28.99

    THE PERFECT WALKING CANE: With an adjustable fit, LED light, cushioned handle, 4 FREE extra tips and FREE SHIPPING, the versatile DR MAYA TM WALKING CANE is easy to walk with, fold up, and store; its height adjustments are from 34 inches to 39 inches; able to adjust to 5 different levels, it suits perfectly to your own height; the integrated pivoting LED lights (batteries included) attribute to a safer walk without the fear of unseen obstacles; arrives in a gift box, ready for giving;
    COMFORTABLE TO USE EVERYDAY EFFORTLESSLY: Lightweight and compact as if it’s not there, its strong and comfortable handle (thanks to the soft foam) provides the maximum quality of grip and safety; the DR. MAYA TM WALKING CANE stands on its own without the need to lean on it; it can be used on all terrain, so no need to spare a walk at any time or place;
    FULLY ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Suitable for different heights, the DR. MAYA TM WALKING STICK can hold up to 250 pounds and has an extra wide, 360-degree pivoting base, allowing you to walk, pivot, or lean freely; the base of the stick is customized with an anti-slip rubber tip;