Mobility Scooter Covers


Mobility scooters have proven to be of great utility for physically disabled persons, making them more independent to move long distances. Various models are available in mobility scooters and different covers are provided, to protect the vehicle.

Many different types of covers are designed, which serve distinct purposes in shielding the mobility scooter. Covers have been specially designed for the control panel. These covers virtually fit all scooter panels regardless of shape or size. The cover protects the electronic gear and creates no hindrance, enabling the driver to maintain full control of the scooter and brakes. The control panel covers are priced at $15 only.

The mobility scooter seat covers serve the general purpose of shielding the seat from rain, dirt and dust. They are exclusively designed for mobility scooters seats, with or without headrests. The seat cover fits securely across the back of the mobility chair, with strong Velcro straps. Mobility seat covers are available for $15.

Special light- weight, seam- sealed, fully water- proof scooter covers are available to protect the vehicle from rain and dust. The cover has elastic corners, which secure it from flying away, when it is windy. The storage covers are available in different sizes and cost around $40.

The covers are also available in different designs for scooters with headrests, front baskets and even for 3-wheeled sports scooters. They have secure fastening belts to assure that the cover stays on, securely. The deluxe storage covers are available in different sizes and are priced around $55.

Lightweight scooters covers are also in lightweight waterproof fabrics. Drivers can even go in for innovative Mobility Storage scooter garages. They have solid, sturdy frames and come in a variety of materials. These scooters offer convenience and independence to the users and enable them to move around freely.

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