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  • $139.95

    This wheelchair carrier is made for easy loading and transporting of your wheelchair, mobility scooter, or other similar items. Tie down straps can be hooked onto any of the tie down holes featured on the ramp sides for a secure lock. This wheelchair carrier is designed to allow easy loading and transporting of your wheelchair, scooter or similar items.
    Features integrated ramps which fold up and out into 3 different positions. The first position keeps the ramp folded flat to the carrier surface and held down with a spring pull pin. The folded flat position is to keep the ramp self stored and secured when the carrier is not in use. The second ramp position allows the ramp to stand up straight when a mobility device is on the carrier.
    The last position is the ramp unfolded. This position allows for scooters or power wheelchairs to be pushed or driven up the ramp. Handle on the ramp allows for easy folding and unfolding. This easy to assemble, heavy duty wheelchair carrier is ideal for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, lawn mowers, and much more.